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Various Course announces for local citizens.Online through Skype & Campus Classes also avilable.For Queries:Call: 0331-2461426Skype: giot.teacherEmail:
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Hourly Based Course.Class duration 40 minutes
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Basic Arabic Language Course

Basic Arabic Language Course Weekend Classes.Classes On Weekends.Two Groups Available(Saturdays & Sundays)Days On Your Choice.Get 10% Discount.
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Arabic Saturday Class

Learn Arabic Online No Matter Where You Are.Only On Saturday By Shaikh Abdullah Itrati.On Your Feasible Time.
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Imam Hasan Askari a.s

Name: Al Hasan bin Ali (a.s.) Mother: Ummul Walad - Susan.  Kunniyat (Patronymic): Abu Muhammad.  Laqab (Title): Al Askari.  Birth: He was born at Samarrah in the year 232 A.H.  Martyrdom: He was poisoned in 260 A.H. at Samarrah and is buried there. BIOGRAPHY His name is al-Hasan, Abu Muhammad. Being a resident of "Asgar a suburb of Samarra", he is titled al-askari. His father was Imam "Ali An-Naqi (A.S.) and his mother was Salil Khatun, an ideal woman in piety, worship, chastity and generosity. He was born in Medina on the tenth of Rabi" al-Akhir, 232 A.H. (December 4, 846 AD). Upbringing and Instruction He lived under the care of his respected father upto the age of 11. When his father had to leave for Samarra" he was to accompany him and thus share the hardships of the journey with the family. At Samarra", he passed his time with his father either in imprisonment or in partial freedom. He had, howev...
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خوش آمدید ۔ آپ اردو متن یہاں ٹائپ کر کے اپنے جواب میں پیسٹ کر سکتے ھیں ۔ That knowledge which remains only on your tongue is very superficial, That knowledge which remains only on your tongue is very superficial

Ref: Nahjul Balagha

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Date: 3 March, 2015

Q: Kiya rukoo say uthnay kay baad 'sameAllaho leman hamedah' kehnay kay baad 'rabbana walakal hamd' kehna namaz ko batil karday ga?

Ans: Is say namaz batil nahi hogee.

(السيد علي الحسيني السيستاني‎)

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